What happened on Funbridge in July? Find out more here!

The Funbridge newsletter of July is now released! It includes:
– Coming soon: learn how to play bridge with our introductory bridge module
– Did you know that you can create your own tournaments on Funbridge?
– The interviews of Zofia Baldysz (recent Champion of Europe) and Antonio Palma (great Portuguese player)
– The results of the European Youth Pairs Championships
– The lastest videos of Milan Macura against Argine and the article of Christophe Grosset for the EBU

The Funbridge newsletter is a good excuse to get you familiar (again) with a game mode or a feature of the app. This month we have decided to talk about exclusive tournaments.

Exclusive tournaments

Exclusive tournaments allow you to create your own tournaments directly on Funbridge. You set the frequency, number of deals, duration and scoring type of the tournament. They can be open to all players or protected by a password if you want to organise a tournament for members of the same club for instance.

Their built-in messaging makes them a place where you can share and learn. Play deals, discuss them and ask advanced players for advice!

Go to Practice > Exclusive tournaments to create your first exclusive tournament or enter one.

Other news

Learn how to play bridge with the introductory moduleComing soon: Learn how to play bridge thanks to Funbridge

Spread the word! It will be possible to learn how to play bridge on Funbridge in a few weeks’ time. Indeed, our bridge experts have worked tirelessly to offer you a new introductory module. You will take bridge lessons and put your new knowledge into practice thanks to exercises.

If you already know how to play, we look to you to share this information around you, especially with people who think that “bridge is too complicated”! Playing first deals using the module will be a piece of cake!

Funbridge interviewsDiscover the “Testimonials” section of the Funbridge blog

You may have noticed that the Funbridge blog has recently been redesigned. Among the new sections, there is one called “Testimonials” in which you can find interviews of famous players and Funbridge players.

The latest interviews:
– Zofia Baldysz, who has just won gold at the European Bridge Team Championships with Poland and silver at the European Youth Pairs Championships. Read here
– Antonio Palma, one of the best Portuguese players and member of Team Ventin. Read here

Learn how to play bridge with these deal analysisThe latest deal analyses by Milan Macura and Christophe Grosset

The latest videos of Milan Macura challenging our artificial intelligence “Argine” are online!
Click here to watch them and get advice to learn how to play bridge.

For his part, Christophe Grosset writes a column in the English Bridge Union magazine in which he analyses deals he plays on Funbridge. Click here to read his last article “Improve your rankings“.

Results of the European Youth Pairs Championships14th European Youth Pairs Championships – Opatija, Croatia

The 14th European Youth Bridge Pairs Championships have just ended after one week of competition in Opatija, Croatia. These championships included 5 categories: U26, U26 Women, U21, U16, U13 and Mixed Pairs.

You want to know more about the big winners of this event? Click here!


Have fun playing tournaments!