It’s time for the special Chinese New Year Tournament!

The Lunar New Year is approaching! In order to celebrate this special day marking the transition to 2023 in the lunar calendar, Funbridge will be running a dedicated tournament from 23 to 25 January. 🎉

Random prizes, draw… 2023 will be placed under the sign of hope. So will this Funbridge Points tournament. Join us on Funbridge to entertain yourself and try to win the prizes that are up for grabs.

Chinese Lunar New Year: What is it?

The Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, coincides with the start of a new moon. In 2023 the celebrations will begin on Sunday 22 January and mark the change to the year of the Water Rabbit, which features in the Chinese zodiac. Described as cautious and skilful, the Rabbit is a symbol of good fortune.

A tournament placed under the sign of hope

No dancing dragons but many prizes!

  • 1st: 200 Diamonds
  • 2nd: 150 Diamonds
  • 3rd: 100 Diamonds

Trust in your skills and lucky star and you may win Diamonds. After the tournament, half of the Diamonds collected will be redistributed to 50 participants chosen at random! You got it, the more participants, the bigger the prize for each winner of the draw! Whatever your bridge level, you have a chance of winning plenty of Diamonds. 😉

  • 1,000 players participate in the tournament. The entry fee is 40 Diamonds. It makes a total of 40,000 Diamonds. The 50 winners of the draw will share half of this amount (that is 20,000 Diamonds) and get 400 Diamonds each! 🙂
  • 2,000 players ► 800 Diamonds per winner 😃
  • 5,000 players ► 2,000 Diamonds per winner 😱

AND IT HAS NO LIMIT! So spread the word among your bridge friends 😉

How to participate in the Chinese New Year Tournament?

The Chinese Lunar New Year Tournament is a Funbridge Points tournament of 12 deals scored by MPs.

It will start at 6am (UTC +1) on 23 January 2023 and will end at 6am on 26 January 2023.

The entry fee is 40 Diamonds.

“Come have fun on Funbridge with this festive and convivial tournament celebrating the Lunar New Year! I’m sure you will prove your skills in this 3-day event. I hope many of you will participate 🙂 And as usual, feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the Comments section below. I’d be glad to address them!”

Justine Mouille
Justine Mouille
Event Manager

新年快乐 (Xin Nian Kuai Le/Happy New Year)!