International Bridgefestival St-Moritz – 9-19 January 2024

On(e) Top of the World

St. Moritz (pronounced [ˌsaŋktmoˈrɪts]), is a political municipality in the Engadin, in the Maloja region of the Swiss canton of Graubünden.  But St. Moritz is much more and clever marketing strategists have long recognized this and created the appropriate slogan “Top Of The World” in 1986.  

They didn’t have the bridge players in mind, but the bridge players have been there looking for top players since 1941. At that time, Count Gian Franco Fabbricotti organized the first tournament in St. Moritz. This year was the 82nd edition and therefore one of the oldest tournaments in Europe.  

Nowadays, the 2-day welcome tournament starts on Monday, followed by a 2-day mixed tournament and then 3 days each of open pair and open team.  

For all bridge players who love the snow and enjoy the alpine mountains, the tournament in the first few weeks of January is a must.  

After a morning on the slopes, on the cross-country ski trail or with the horse-drawn sleigh, you can enjoy a session of sometimes high-class bridge in a friendly atmosphere at 3:30 p.m.   

Deal 13 – 1. Session open Pairs 

1) Control
2) BW
3) 2/5 no Queen
4) Asking about Kings
5) C-King

Deal 3 – 2nd session

Should E pass or show his hearts?  And how to show the hearts?

3NT was not a good contract when N chooses to lead his own suit. 

From 2020

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