Highlights of 2017

New 2017 bridge features

Take a look back at the new features and improvements that have marked the year 2017 for Funbridge.

Bridge team championship New Team Championship

The new Team Championship is the first new feature released in 2017 and this was just the beginning!

Indeed, its easy access and user-friendly interface have attracted many players. Over 1,000 teams have taken part in it throughout the year (More figures on our 2017 infographic)!

If you have not tried it yet, don’t wait any longer! Create or join a team of 4-6 players, face other teams in your division in tournaments of 15 deals every 5 days and do your best to reach the top division!

Bridge federationsNew partnerships with national bridge federations

New national bridge federations have become Funbridge partners: EBU (England), FSB (Switzerland), NBF (Norway) and TBF (Turkey). They have joined the FFB (France). They host daily or weekly federation tournaments allowing Funbridge players to earn official points and therefore increase their federation rank.

Click on the “Play a tournament” button to access the list of federation tournaments.

customized bridge tournamentsExclusive Tournaments

You have been given the possibility of creating and managing your own bridge tournaments. These customisable tournaments (frequency, number of deals, scoring type, etc.) can be restricted to your friends, the members of your bridge club, your students or, on the contrary, be open to the whole community.

Click on the “Practice” button to access exclusive tournaments.

bridge matches liveWatch bridge matches live

The Lyon 2017 World Teams Championships have seen the launch of a new feature called “Funbridge Live” enabling you to watch the major events of the competition live (kibitz). Mark your calendars for Friday 19 January 20:45! France Kids (U16) will play France Youngsters (U21) in a friendly match that will be broadcast on Funbridge Live.
You will be able to follow the match deal after deal and top bridge players will be commentating.

Click the TV icon on the main screen of your app to open Funbridge Live.

bridge artificial intelligenceArgine is constantly evolving

Our artificial intelligence Argine, developed and frequently updated by reigning Vice World Champion Jérôme Rombaut and his team, joined several game modes in 2017. For instance, you have been able to ask Argine for advice on how to play in the “Replay” mode that is available at the end of each deal.

Then you have been given the opportunity to challenge it in tournaments of 5 deals in the “Challenges” mode (Find out more about its results on our 2017 infographic).

You will have realised that Argine will continue to improve! (Click here to find out more about how it plays)

Upgraded version of Funbridge for PCPlay bridge on computer

Last year we upgraded the Funbridge software for PC. After a few months, PC players have finally been able to play the exact same game modes as in the app for smartphones, tablets and Mac.

Since then, the software and the app have been enhanced at the same time to make sure the whole community can enjoy all our new features!

Learn bridge with Funbridge Quiz 3Funbridge Quiz 3

After the success of the two previous versions, Funbridge Quiz 3 (available on smartphones and tablets) was released in early 2017.

This app is ideal to test and increase your knowledge with 500 quizzes split into 5 themes: the right bid, the right hand, card play, forcing or not forcing?, defending a contract.

Find out more at www.funbridge-quiz.com!

GOTO Bridge 18Lessons and practice with GOTO Bridge 18

GOTO Bridge has been the must-have bridge software for more than 20 years. After 17 versions (developed by our company) released on PC only, this new one has been available on tablets (iPad and Android) and Mac since the end of last year.

It includes unlimited deals and numerous practice modes among other things. And no Internet connection is required.

You will have realised that this is the perfect software to learn and progress anywhere! Find out more at www.gotobridge.com.