Happy Hours tournament – May

You have made a slow start in the Funbridge Points monthly challenge? You need a little boost to move up the rankings quickly? 

That is what Happy Hours tournaments are here for!

The new Happy Hours tournament will kick off on 13 May at 06:00 (UTC+1) and run until 14 May at 06:00. Register now!

Happy Hours = Funbridge Points doubled

Happy Hours tournaments are Funbridge Points tournaments consisting of 8 deals scored by MPs allowing you to earn twice as many Funbridge Points as usual tournaments for the same price (22 Diamonds ♦️). 

Stay tuned! More details about Happy Hours tournaments coming soon in the app.

This month’s prizes

This is a challenge taking place on Funbridge throughout the month of May and allowing you to get ranked among players from your country.

At the end of the month, the top 10 players plus 10 players drawn by lot will receive prizes.

1st: 600 Diamonds ♦️
2nd: 400 Diamonds ♦️
3rd: 300 Diamonds ♦️

4th-10th: 200 Diamonds ♦️ 10 players drawn by lot: 100 Diamonds ♦️