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Halloween Tournament

Switch off the lights and hide under your duvet! The spooky Halloween tournament is coming to Funbridge this week.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28 October and participate in the qualification phase to try to qualify for the big final that will be held this weekend. Thousands of Diamonds are to be won!

This is the first tournament reserved for Funbridge Premium subscribers only. Come celebrate with us

Your questions, our answers

Click on the links below to learn more about how the Halloween tournament works and the many prizes you can win.

When will the Halloween Tournament take place? ►

The Halloween Tournament will be held from 27 to 31 October 2021 on the Funbridge app.

It is split into two phases: the qualification phase and the final.

How does the qualification phase work? ►

The qualification phase will take place from 27 to 28 October 2021.

100 tournaments of 4 deals scored by MPs are included.

You have to play at least one tournament.

Once this threshold is reached, the results of your 2 top tournaments will be used to calculate your score and determine your ranking.

To qualify and make it to the Halloween Tournament final, your result must be equal to or higher than 50%.

How does the final work? ►

Friday, day off! The final will take place from 30 to 31 October 2021 and include 8 tournaments of 4 deals scored by MPs.

You have to play 2 tournaments.

Once this threshold is reached, the results of your 2 tournaments will be used to calculate your average score and determine your ranking.

The Halloween Tournament rankings will be made available at the end of the final.

What are the prizes awarded? ►


  • 1st: 600 Diamonds
  • 2nd: 400 Diamonds
  • 3rd: 300 Diamonds
  • 4th-10th: 100 Diamonds
  • 11th-50th: 50 Diamonds

How much is the entry fee? ►

No Diamonds are needed to participate in this new special event. All you need is a Funbridge Premium subscription.

If you don’t see the Halloween Tournament on the Funbridge home screen, please update the app if you play on a smartphone or a tablet, or log in to our web version if you play on a computer.

Do you need a a Funbridge Premium subscription ?

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Gail Simpson
Gail Simpson
6 mois plus tôt

I am in the Pacific zone, in Western Canada. I don’t know if your tournament is on the continent’s time or ? Please advise