New Goto Bridge: Sea, Bridge and Sun!

Goto Bridge for smartphones and tablets

Goto Bridge arrives on smartphones and tablets. 15% off until 28 June 2020!

Summer holidays are just around the corner! On the road, on a terrace, on the beach… You will have time to improve your bridge game. What about having a bridge coach who fits in your pocket or a small bag?

Well, Goto Bridge is now available on smartphones and tablets! To celebrate the good news and the arrival of summer, enjoy 15% off now and get it at $15.29 instead of $17.99 until 28 June 2020.

Download on the App Store
iOS version for iPhone and iPad
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Android version for smartphone & tablet

Special offer also available on PC / Mac: follow this link to enjoy the offer

Get all Goto Bridge features in the mobile version!


Become a bidding and card play master thanks to 30 lessons and 400 exercises.


Customise your practice sessions and focus on the areas where you really need to progress.


Play bridge with no need for an Internet connection and no pressure (no other player online playing at the same time).

Ideal features to progress

Ask for advice

Not sure? Goto Bridge AI ‘Argine’ is here to help.

Correct your bids 

Wrong bid? Argine tells you and explains why.

Optimise your card play

Argine shows the best card to play to take the highest number of tricks.

Claim remaining tricks 

You are certain you will take the remaining tricks? Claim them quickly.

‘I have a confession to make.’

‘Of course, you will enjoy playing with Goto Bridge but sometimes it will be hard too. Like a sportsman repeating the same movements over and over again before the new season starts in order to progress and sharpen his instinct. No pain, no gain!

Anyway, I hope that this mobile version of Goto Bridge will meet all your expectations and help you get through this complicated period.’


Project Manager, Goto Bridge Mobile.