Give me your hand!

Give me your hand bridge article

It’s to a riddle of a particular kind… that you’re going to be facing here.It’s about discovering a bridge hand (that of South) thanks to a series of clues that enable you to find its distribution and the honours it contains. Have fun!

The clues

1) The bidding

a) With this hand, you’d use Stayman over 1NT, but over 2NT you’d transfer.

b) With this hand, the following sequence is absolutely justified:

The bidding 1
(*) Splinter.

And this one also:

The bidding 2

2) The lead and the defensive play

a) You would lead the Spade Jack after the sequence 1NT-3NT.

b) But the club 8 after:

The lead 1

c) Now, if your partner leads the Club Ace and you see the Queen third in dummy, you’d follow with the 9.

You should know enough: now let’s play!

Decrypting the clues

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