Get a federation tournament for free in September!

bridge federation tournament

New season

Play a federation tournament in September, get a refund in October!

As you may already know, federation tournaments available on Funbridge allow you to earn points and appear in NBOs’ official rankings!

The new bridge season is starting! Now is the perfect time to compare your bridge level with other players and make an impressive entry into 2020-2021 official rankings!

1 federation tournament reimbursed

Play a federation tournament in September, get a refund in October! Example:

In September

You spend 60 Diamonds to play an ACBL tournament and try to win Masterpoints to move up their rankings.

In October

60 Diamonds will be automatically credited back to your Funbridge account!

This offer is limited to only 1 federation tournament per player played before 1 October 2020 and doesn’t apply to free tournaments.

How do I play federation tournaments on Funbridge?

Open the Funbridge app, go to “Play a tournament” then “Federation tournaments”. Select the bridge federation of your choice.

If yours is not listed, try out Funbridge Points tournaments!

Diamonds, what is that?

Diamonds are Funbridge virtual currency. They allow you to play Funbridge Points tournaments and tournaments licensed by our 15 partner NBOs among other things. Examples:

You can

  • Earn Diamonds in some tournaments and
  • Buy Diamonds on our online shop: