“FunBridge iPad” elimination tournament results

This is it, the FunBridge iPad elimination tournament is now over!
It gathered more than 2,300 players worldwide and we want to thank you all and congratulate you for your participation.

The tournament winner is…


He won the iPad against René Juricic on a score of 56.3 IMP against 47.9 IMP. That was tight!
René Juricic does not leave empty-handed as he won a one-year subscription to FunBridge. Congratulations to both players!

Replay the final


Replay the final and compare yourself to the finalists!

To do this, go to your FunBridge software Open tournaments and choose the Tournoi iPad – La finale ! tournament.


Fanfan49’s interview

What do you think about this simple elimination tournament?

It was quite interesting to play 25 hands in 3 days. There was no obligation to play them all in a row, so I was playing eight or nine each day.

In the previous elimination tournaments, there was less pressure because the player losing a match had another chance. This tournament was a sudden death tournament.

What is your bridge history?

I started bridge with my family. My grandmother taught me when I was seven years old. Now all the family play on Funbridge! They are part of my victory.

I play at the Angers Bridge Club. I am Europe Junior Pair Champion and was World Champion for players less than twenty years old in Beijing in 2008.

For how long have you been playing on Funbridge and how much time do you play on it weekly?

My parents play about 3 hours a day on Funbridge either on their personal computer or smart phone.
Since I am still studying and with my sports activities, I mostly play on Funbridge during the week.
It is easy to start a game, postpone it if needed and resume it when I can.

What type of game do you prefer? What do you like the most with Funbridge?

I mostly play the Series tournaments and my family members play the Team tournaments and the Daily tournaments.
It is a very good way to practice to play facing the dummy. Defense play on Funbridge is excellent!
Furthermore, you can replay a hand if you make a mistake and learn from it.

I must admit that for this tournament, I owe my win to the Challenges that I often play on a computer and a smart phone. This is a very good way to practice.