From the two sides of the mirror

Closed Room, table 1, last match

Your opponent leads the diamond ace and your partner, a member of the fairer sex for whom you have a very weak spot, lays down a beautiful hand, a hand which, in parenthesis, you’d like to ask for. West continues by playing ace-king of spades and a spade, while his partner discards on the second round of the suit

You mustn’t lose another trick, stop thinking about living the perfect love and try first to win this contract.

You may well be passionate about the game; you are not the type to launch yourself into the adventure without first building a solid plan. One thing is for sure, it’s not the season to ruff small; you’d be over-ruffed and that would be the setting trick. Without further ado, you will thus call for dummy’s ace of hearts, but in doing so you compromise your chances of capturing the missing jack of trumps.

However, there is another problem that keeps your enthusiasm low…

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