Final of the 2013 team championship


After a year of Texas, Blackwood and other Roudi, the Team Championship 2013 comes to an end… We now know the two teams who will compete in the final:

Le club des cinq and Poland5

Let’s learn more about those two teams:

– Le club des cinq: this five players French team qualified for the finals when they ranked 1st at the championship 2nd quarter. Then, the five men performed well during the finals by meeting Les requins (3-1), Armada (3-2) and STOP 7SA (3-1).

– Poland5: a team composed of five Polish players, Poland5 also qualified during the 2nd quarter, by ranking 3rd. To reach the championship final, they met Bridge Poker team (3-2), Magics blaireaux (3-2) and Just for fun (5-0).

Congratulations to the 10 finalists players! We do not forget all the other teams who had the merit to get to this stage of the competition, congratulations!

The final

The championship final will take place in the same way as the previous rounds: the five players from both teams will compete in one-on-one, during a 20 deals game in By Pair ranking (the final is equivalent to 5 matches). The teams win 1 point for each game won.

It will begin Friday, January 24th at 10am and will end Thursday, January 30 at 10am (GMT+1).


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