Far from the clichés – Interview with Florence Bourgeois

If the calendar of Florence Bourgeois – Director of Paris Photo and former financial manager who has studied at the École du Louvre – no longer allows her to play bridge with her group of passionate friends, she hopes to be able to return to it one day.

What has lately set your heart on fire?

The book Mur Méditerranée (Mediterranean Wall) by Louis-Philippe Dalembert (Sabine Wespieser Éditeur), which deals with exile through the prism of three committed and courageous women, ready to do anything it
takes to move towards a better future. It approaches human nature mercilessly, projecting us into a dark reality. This tragedy, which is told through a neat and evocative feather, shook me deeply.

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

Never enough … Professional issues and family realities contribute to a balance in which the left behind are absent. I am committed to evolving on the subject and helping to share what life has given me.

Are you in the club of careful people?

“Caution is the mother of safety”. I always prefer to listen and balance before launching headlong into a fight.

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