Make your own Queen of Clubs paper toy with your family!


Do you know Argine? Argine is the French name given to the Queen of Clubs in all 32 and 52 cards games and in French tarot game.

It’s also the name we gave to the engine on FunBridge (the artificial intelligence)!

To honor her, we thought of creating a 3D paper model.

A fun family activity, it is now your turn to realize with your children or grandchildren your own Queen of Clubs paper toy. To do so, download the plans by clicking the button below and follow our advice and instructions:




– White glue
– A small brush
– A ruler
– A X-Acto type knife or scissors
Achievement time: Between 01h30 and 02h00


Print the PDF file

Paper weight: we advise you to choose a paper with a minimum thickness for rigidity, at least 150g but not more than 210g.


Cut out the shapes

The use of a X-Acto type knife is ideal but you can also use scissors.


Fold along the dotted line forms.

Do not force too much on paper. We advise you to make the folds on a stable table.
Tip: For perfect folds, you must groove the fold axes without too much force or you will completely cut the paper (ideally using a rule).


Proceed bonding tabs to create forms (ideally with a brush).

Choose a white glue, liquid or vinyl. Avoid excessive glues (super glue-type) or too liquid glues. For more precision, use the glue with a brush or a stiff card (credit card type) which will perfectly distribute the glue.


Here are the parts after gluing.


Now you need to assemble the pieces together
following the numbers. 1 with 1, 2 with 2…


Congratulations! You did it!

Source: Vivienne Westwoord by Mr Maze – Internet website