European Youth Team Championships: Two gold medals for two France teams!


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Two France teams (girls & juniors) claim victory in the European Youth Team Championships which took place from July 11th to 20th!

This is historical! After 10 days of competition in Wroclaw, Poland, the Girls (under 26 years) coached by Jerome Rombaut (member of the FunBridge Team) and the Boys (under 26 years) trained by Jean-Christophe Quantin, won the two gold medals of the competition!

As for the Youngsters (under 20 years), they end up with a nice 5th place which allow them to qualify for the next World Championships in 2014.

Here is the ranking of this European Youth Team Championships:

Girls results:

1.France 2.Netherlands 3.Italy

Boys results:

1.France 2.Poland 3.Italy

Youngsters results:

1.Sweden 2.Israel 3.Netherlands 4.Poland 5.France

The happy winners in pictures:

Left : The Girls
(From left to right) Jessie Carbonneaux, Aurélie Thizy, Anne Rouanet-Labé, Anne-Laure Tartarin, Anaïs Leleu, Jennifer Mourgues and the captain, Jérôme Rombaut.

Right: The Juniors

(From left to right) Julien Bernard , Jean-Christophe Quantin (captain), Fabrice Charignon, Cédric Lorenzini, Clément Laloubeyre, Thibault Coudert, Alexandre Kilani.

The Youngsters

François Beugin, Grégoire Lafont, Baptiste Combescure, Benjamin Marié, Matthieu Fourré, Thibaud Vincenot, Christophe Oursel.


Those titles add up to those obtained in 2012 by Women and Seniors France teams, current world champions, European Champion and Vice-Champion Senior ladies won in 2013. These results confirm France domination at the international level.

In order to share this beautiful moment with us, Jérôme Rombaut, the Girls coach, created a blog where he tells us how the European Youth Team Championships took place with his team. You will find a lot of humor, stress and joy! To read it, click on the following link: The Girls, European Champions. (French blog).

You can also find some information directly on the official site of the European Youth Team Championships.

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