En route to the 2016 Team Championship!


New Year means new Team Championship! Will you be part of the team that will succeed « Les Six Compagnons » (read their interview here)?

The 2016 Team Championship will start on Friday 5 February 2016 at 10am (UTC+1). Therefore it is high time to create your team (if not done yet), manage your team (replace players e.g.) or join one of the manyincomplete teams.

The Team Championship in broad outline:
3 players minimum and 5 players maximum per team.
– Teams are split into 4 divisions, the Champion Team being the one finishing first in Division 1.
– No more slack periods! You play all year long!

Find out more below or on the Funbridge website.

Note: the Team Championship is only available on Funbridge for Windows PC.

  • Time Schedule

The Team Championship will start on Friday 5 February 2016 at 10am (UTC+1).
It will be held over the whole year 2016 and will be divided into 4 quarters (see the detailed Time Schedule).
Each quarter consists of 10 rounds, which are themselves split into 5 tournaments of 20 deals.

  • Team Line-up and Entries

A team must be made up of 3 players minimum and 5 players maximum.
A team automatically enters the Championship as soon as it is made up of 3 players.
If a team is not complete (5 players), it will lose the number of tournaments corresponding to the number of missing players in the team per round.

  • Team Breakdown

At the openning, teams will be split into 4 divisions based on their results at the previous Championship.

By removing the disbanded teams, we will split the teams as follows:
– The first 16 teams will join Division 1
– The following 64 teams will join Division 2
– The following 128 teams will join Division 3
– The new and remaining teams will join Division 4.

At the end of each quarter and based on their results, teams will be likely to go up or down, thus ending up playing in another division.

The 2016 Champion Team will be the one finishing first in Division 1 at the end of the year, i.e. at the end of Quarter 4.

  • Rounds

A round starts on Friday at 10am and ends on the next Thursday at 10am (French time).
Each team member must play one tournament per round in the quarter.
The rank of each team member in his tournament will be converted into points.
The total of points scored by each team member in each round will allow to rank teams against each other in each division.

Click here to read the full and detailed rules.