Discover the new rankings and Funbridge Points tournaments in the latest updated version of your bridge app!

Discover the new rankings and Funbridge Points tournaments
in the updated version of your app now!

How do I get “Funbridge Points”?

Funbridge Points are awarded at the end of each federation tournament (in addition to official points awarded by national bridge federations) and at the end of each Funbridge Points tournament.

What is a “Funbridge Points tournament”?

These tournaments as well as all federation tournaments allow you to earn Funbridge Points.
To access them, tap “Play a tournament” > “Federation tournaments”.

What are the new rankings?

Five different rankings are accessible from the “Rankings” button on the home screen of the app:

  • Rankings of players who are awarded Funbridge Points
  • Rankings of all players participating in series tournaments
  • Rankings of all players based on their average performance (What is it?)
  • Rankings of all players based on their wins in challenges
  • Rankings of countries with the best average performances

You will agree that these rankings are perfect to quickly see how you compare to the whole community of Funbridge players!

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