Discover the new bidding systems available on Funbridge

In an effort to be more in line with national standards, we have made changes to the profiles of bidding conventions available on Funbridge.

Please note that the new conventions and profiles are not available in the Windows PC version of Funbridge but you can find them in the new online version of Funbridge which is accessible directly from your Internet browser at :

This version will allow you to enjoy the latest new features (like the new conventions and profiles) and no update will be required.

New profiles available

Here is the updated list of profiles:

  • 5-card major – Beginner
  • 5-card major – Competition
  • 5-card major – Strong two
  • 2/1
  • SAYC
  • ACOL (Modern / Strong 2)
  • NBB Standaard Hoog
  • Nordisk Standard
  • Polish Club
  • Forum D

It is possible you have been automatically switched to the closest new profile (i.e. sharing as many conventions as possible).

New conventions available

Please note that several new options and conventions are now also offered:

  • weak Stayman (option)
  • 2D bid showing three long suits and shortness in D (option)
  • weak 2H/S opening with new responses
  • two-way Checkback
  • Convention Cachalot
  • standard support double (option)
  • as well as a new card play profile: UDCA

How to edit your profile?

If you want to access your profile information and edit it, go to the app settings via the menu and select “Bidding Conventions”.