Discover Happy Hours tournaments

You have made a slow start in the Funbridge Points monthly challenge? You need a little boost to move up the rankings quickly? 

That is what Happy Hours tournaments are here for!

The first Happy Hours tournament will kick off on 23 April at 06:00 (UTC+1) and run until 24 April at 06:00. Register now!

Happy Hours = Funbridge Points doubled

Happy Hours tournaments are Funbridge Points tournaments consisting of 8 deals scored by MPs allowing you to earn twice as many Funbridge Points as usual tournaments for the same price (22 Diamonds ♦️). 

Stay tuned! More details about Happy Hours tournaments coming soon in the app.

This month’s prizes

The top 3 players of the Funbridge Points rankings at the end of the month and 5 participants drawn by lot will receive Diamonds plus the April Collector’s mug!