Diamonds Hunt tournament on 12-17 April

Funbridge is running an exceptional tournament open to subscribers only this week! And an exceptional event necessarily comes with an amazing entry fee. Learn more about the tournament just here below:

The tournament

The Diamonds Hunt tournament is a Funbridge Points tournament open to Funbridge subscribers only. It will be held from 12 to 17 April and divided into 3 phases: qualifications, 1-day breakand weekend of finals.


The qualification phase will be held from Tuesday 12 April to Thursday 14 April. 100 tournaments of 4 deals scored by MPs will be available. Your average score will be calculated based on your top 2 tournaments. If it is at least 50%, you will qualify for the final.


Friday 15 April is a break day! That same day you will find out if you qualified or not. The final phase of the Diamonds Hunt tournament will be held on Saturday 16 April and Sunday 17 April.

8 tournaments of 4 deals scored by MPs will be available. The participants’ top 2 tournaments will be used to calculate their average scores and establish the final rankings.


Only the ranks listed below will be rewarded:

🥇1st: 600 Diamonds
🥈2nd: 400 Diamonds
🥉3rd: 300 Diamonds

🏅4th– 10th: 100 Diamonds
🏅11th– 50th: 50 Diamonds

How to participate in the tournament

There is no entry fee! You just need to have a Funbridge subscription to be allowed to play.To register for the tournament, go to Federation Tournaments” and then “Funbridge Points Tournaments”or click here.

Not yet a subscriber?