A tournament for those who are in love with bridge!

Bridge lovers Tournament article

Want to express your love for bridge? February is perfect timing to do so! Come take part in the Bridge Lovers’ Tournament on 7-12 February 2023. This is a perfect opportunity for you to try to win many Diamonds by pitting yourself against all bridge lovers. 💕

This special tournament will be held on Funbridge and is split into two phases: qualifications and final. This tournament is open to Premium and Premium+ subscribers only.

Are you really addicted to bridge? Register for the tournament now and declare your love to your favourite game! Over 2,000 Diamonds are up for grabs.😉


Qualifications will be taking place from Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 February 2023.

100 tournaments of 6 deals scored by MPs will be available. You must score 56% or more and play at least 8 tournaments to qualify for the final. Get ready! We will find out who is a real bridge fanatic.

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We will welcome you with open arms for the final of the Bridge Lovers’ Tournament after a 1-day break on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February 2023. 🤗

8 tournaments of 6 deals will be available. You must play at least 8 tournaments. Participants’ final result will be their average score for these tournaments.

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Give your best in this tournament. A large amount of Diamonds will be distributed to the finalists who step onto the podium.

1st: 300 Diamonds
2nd: 200 Diamonds
3rd : 150 Diamonds
4th-10th: 50 Diamonds

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To show our affection to all our players, we will award Diamonds to players chosen at random from among the participants.

Those who don’t make it to the final will still have a chance of winning. 50 participants will get 25 Diamonds.

💌 Sweet words from Justine Mouille

“I am very happy to run this tournament celebrating what you and our team have in common: our love for bridge! Face other players and show them all your skills. And don’t forget that even if you don’t qualify, you may be lucky enough to win 25 Diamonds.

As always, feel free to tell us what you think in the Comments section of this article. I wish you all the best in this tournament. With love. 🥰 “

Justine Mouille
Justine Mouille
Event Manager


  1. I’m wishing to play this tournament for the first time.
    I’m looking forward to start. I find the words of Justin very nice and encouraging.

  2. For us old folks 8 rounds of 6 deals is a lot of bridge. Especially when you have team games, challenges, other tournaments etc to play.
    Maybe you could cut it back a bit. Just a thought

    On My Game

    • Hi,

      You have a good point, it’s a lot for this short amount of time, we’ll be more careful for the next tournament.

      Justine – Funbridge Team

  3. final as supposed to be 11th and 12th. It is 19.45 in UK (12th feb) and seems the tournament final is no longer available???

    • Hi

      The final of this tournament is still available for 2 hours to find it you have to go on “Play a tournament” and click on the “Bridge lovers’ tournament tournament” banner

      Justine – Funbridge Team

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