BIC Qualifications: It’s now or never!

Thursday is the last day of the Bridge International Championship (BIC) qualification phase on Funbridge!

You still have every chance to qualify for the final:

  • You haven’t participated in the BIC yet? It’s now or never! Let us remind you that in total over 20,000 Diamonds and 100 subscriptions to bridge magazines will be awarded to top BIC players in the world and national ranking lists.
  • You have played fewer than 10 BIC tournaments or you haven’t reached the average score threshold of 55%? There’s still time for you to qualify if you play extra tournaments! Only your top 10 tournaments will be used to calculate your average score.

Your schedule

Until Thursday: QUALIFICATIONS. The average score of your top 10 tournaments must be at least 55% to qualify (100 tournaments available).

Friday: BREAK 😴

Saturday & Sunday: FINAL. 6 tournaments of 12 deals.
The average score of your top 4 tournaments will determine your final ranking.

Remember to update Funbridge!

To have access to the Bridge International Championship:

  • Update your Funbridge app if you play on smartphones and tablets if you haven’t already done so
  • Or log in from a computer using our version for web browsers. Please note that the BIC is not available in our downloadable versions for PC and Mac.

And you, how far can you go?