Anne-Laure and Jérôme crowned champions of France in Mixed Pairs

jerome rombaut champion de france mixte
Anne-Laure Tartarin and Jérôme Rombaut, the new champions of France in the Mixed Pairs. Photo: Agnès Fabre (FFB)

Last weekend our ambassador Jérôme Rombaut and his bridge partner Anne-Laure Tartarin won the gold at the DN1 Mixed Pairs taking place at the headquarters of the French bridge federation (FFB).

CONGRATULATIONS to Anne-Laure and Jérôme!

Our champion tells us all about their victory. 🥇

“After eighteen seasons in Mixed Pairs (including nine top 5 finishes) with Vanessa Réess (pictured below), this time my partner was one of my former ‘Girls’. I’m talking of Anne-Laure Tartarin.

Photo: Agnès Fabre (FFB)

Even if I have coached her for several years – successfully as she became champion of Europe and world champion -, we had nearly never played together (only once at the Biarritz Festival Mixed Pairs that we won in 2018).

But it doesn’t really matter because no need to practise conventions hundreds of times with such a talented player. A 5 minutes chat before the tournament was enough to get ready for two weekends of competition. No master stroke but our competitive bids and overcalls were very aggressive and what’s most important, we didn’t hesitate to double opponents and take advantage of their numerous mistakes.

Photo: Agnès Fabre (FFB)

Never behind, we scored an average of nearly 58% (about 3% over the runner-ups). I hope that it bodes well for the future and the last stage of the selection process to win a France cap that will be held from 24th to 26th January…

Again, congratulations to both of them for their performance! 👏👏👏