Ambassadors’ tournament: Dominique Fonteneau

For the first time in the history of Funbridge, five professional bridge players known as the “Funbridge Ambassadors” will be joining you in the Ambassadors’ tournament from 22 to 30 May 2021!

Find out more about the third ambassador, Dominique Fonteneau

How do you approach a tournament?

You have to:

  • Find your motivation.
  • Set challenging goals.
  • What does performing in this tournament mean to you?

How do you prepare for a tournament?

You need to know yourself.
Personally, ahead of a big tournament I have to try to oxygenate my body and therefore my brain (breathing, walking, yoga, etc.). Avoid heavy meals and toxins. It works for me but it’s up to you to find your own balance.

How do you deal with stress and pressure?

In my case pressure and stress take three forms. First I have butterflies in my stomach. That’s when I try to rely on a solid bridge technique. Then pressure becomes a driving force and I act on the spur of the moment. And finally, towards the end I feel relaxed so I have to remain focused on my goals.

What is your best memory from a tournament?

My first big tournament 30 years ago. The Open of La Baule international festival. I was 14 and my partner was 12. It was a four-day event. To fight fatigue we played all sessions drinking bottles of a well-known sparkling water with caffeine in it. We finished third in the handicap rankings and earned 3,000 francs. I’ve never had any pocket money issues since then. I became the king of pinball and table football in secondary school, which contributed to poor school performance.

How to track the Dominique Fonteneau progress? 

1. Follow Dominique Fonteneau using your Funbridge account 

  • Click “Friends” on the homescreen 
  • Click “Search”
  • Type in the ambassador’s username
  • Click on his Funbridge profile to access it
  • Once you are in the ambassador’s profile, click “Follow” 🔍

2. Filter the tournament rankings

In the general rankings of the tournament, select the filter “Friends” to display your friends and Dominique Fonteneau you are following only. This will allow you to see how you compare with the champion at any time.