Coming soon: a new version of FunBridge Touch…


It’s been a while since we’ve not propose new features in Funbridge Touch… Let me tell you that there is a good reason for this, and it should please you….

In the past months, we have worked on a new version of the FunBridge application.

This new version will be available in a few weeks. Before we unveil the first images, we can already announce some new features that will make the application even more Fun, even more Bridge.

To start, find the new logo (above) and the new application shortcut:



We hope you already like them.

Here are the main innovations :


We have completely redesigned the application home page. It will take the form of a “dashboard” where you’ll have access to all game modes, all your games and all of your rankings, just at an eye glance.


From now on, you can choose between two types of tournaments for training: IMP or By Pairs.
Thanks to this new mode of training, you should be able to participate to the new daily tournaments and compete against other players.


The game speed has been improved by 30%in this new version.
Whether it is during the bidding phase or during the card play, the application has been optimized to be as fluid as possible.
FunBridge has never been faster.


Four geographical areas are showing up in this game mode (East Americas, Western Americas, Europe- Africa and Asia-Oceania), each zone having different starting time for the tournament.
There are now two tournaments of 20 dealsby zone (By Pairs and IMP), for a total of eight daily tournaments.
You shouldn’t get bored!


To install this new FunBridge version, you must have at least iOS 5 version on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

To update, go to Settings > General > Software Update and touch the “Install” button.

More information on the Apple support: click here