A look back at the IMSA Elite Mind Games

The IMSA Elite Mind Games were held from 7th to 16th December in Huai’An, China.

The IMSA (International Mind Sports Association) was founded in 2005 by José Damiani, former President of World Bridge Federation. The main mind sports are represented: Bridge, Chess, Draughts and Go. Chinese chess have also been invited to participate in this 2nd edition.

In addition to China, the host country which came 5th in Lyon, the top 3 teams of the latest Lyon World Bridge Championships (USA, France and Bulgaria) have been invited.

Jérôme Rombaut, member of Team Funbridge, took part in the event with a reshaped French team as some players were not available. His team members were Vanessa Réess, Cédric Lorenzini, Thomas Bessis, Hervé Vinciguerra and Marc Bompis.

The event included 3 categories:

  • Teams: 3-day competition
  • Pairs: 2-day competition
  • Individual: 2-day competition

Feedback from Jérôme:

“What a week it has been for Team France there! We won the title in the Teams category (we got our revenge on USA!) and two other medals with Vanessa Réess and myself in the Open Pairs and with Hervé Vinciguerra in the Open Individual.”

Click here to access the full results.