2014 Team Championship: Third Quarter – 3rd Week

The quarter 3 third week of the Team Champsionship began this morning, it’s time for us to make a point on the leading teams.

Here is the 3rd round provisional ranking:

As you can see, the four teams ahead are: Gwenn ha du, Cidade Invicta, pologne hurepoix 1 and Cosmopoli Bridge.

Note: At the time of this writing, the ranking is subject to change.

Here’s a reminder of the 8 previous quarter qualified teams:

– Quarter 1 : Le club des cinq (2013 team championship winners), Normaleles journalistes and Armada.
– Quarter 2 : Poland5Magics BlaireauxSTOP 7SA and les chevaliers de la carte ronde.

If a team had to rank in the top 4 of a round when it has already qualified in a previous round, we will take the team that is ranked just after (and so to be sure we qualify 4 teams per round).

The third quarter will end on 18 September 2014.

You can still participate to this tournament:

– By Creating your team.
– or joining one of the 169 incomplete teams.

For more details on the schedule for this third round, or simply learn more about the tournament, I invite you to visit the Rules page directly on our website.

Have fun on FunBridge!