2014 Team Championship Results


The 2014 Team Championship ended one week ago. It is now time to announce the victorious great team of this Championship!

The winner is ELLADARA!


The Greek players of this team managed to overcome the Poland 5 Polish team with a score of 4-1.

Even so Poland 5 has nothing to be ashamed of. For the second year in a row, this team gets through to the Team Championship final.

The 5 players have accepted to share their thoughts on the competition by answering our questions.

Click here to read their interview! 


Let’s have a look back over the journey of these two teams in this championship…

ELLADARA only just qualified for the final phases in the last quarter of the 2014 Championship. Indeed, they finished fourth and are therefore the last team qualified.

Then they shined in the final phases and won their matches against STOP 7SA (3-2), Equipe ou Double (4-1), les chevaliers de la carte ronde (5-0) before playing against Poland 5 in the final (4-1).

 As for the players of the Poland 5 team, they qualified by finishing first in the second quarter. Then they played againstCidade Invicta (4-1), Armada (3-2), les journalistes (4-1) and of course ELLADARA in the final (1-4).

 We would also like to congratulate the two teams which finished third in this 2014 Championship, i.e. les chevaliers de la carte ronde and les journalistes.



Our teams are currently preparing the next Team Championship.

We cannot reveal anything for the time being, except that it will be a brand new championship! You will love it!

You will be notified by email as soon as the 2015 Championship will become available.


Meanwhile, have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!