2014 team championship : End of the 1st quarter

The 2014 team championship 1st quarter just ended. First, we would like to apologize for announcing an 11 rounds quarter when it actually was actually a 10 round quarter (as all upcoming quarters).

We know now the first four qualified teams! Congratulations to them!

Here they are: Le club des cinq (the 2013 team championship winners), Normaleles journalistes and Armada.

These four teams had already qualified during the previous edition: Normale and les journalistes during the 2013 championship first quarter (1st et 3rd respectively), Le club des cinq during the second quarter (1st) and Armada during the fourth quarter (3rd).


The second quarter will start on Friday, April 25 at 10:00 am (GMT+1) and will last 10 rounds. You have until this date to:

Create your team if it is not yet.

Manage your team if you want make substitutions.

Know all the details about this second quarter.


20 deals tournaments

Argine: the new game engine

By pair ranking rounds

– The player’s distribution in tournaments will be based on the player’s handicap.

Reminder : the team championship, how it works:

– Teams are made up of 5 players

– Every week until the end of the year, each team member will play a dedicated open tournament (diferent from his team-mates’ ones)

– Each member of a team rank in his tournament will be converted into points

– The sum of the points scored by each team member every week will allow to rank the teams.

– The 2014 team championship is divided into four rounds, one per quarter

– The 16 winning teams (one per quarter) will compete at the end of the year to identify the best 2014 team.

– At the end of 2014, we’ll know the best Funbridge team