2013 Team Championship: Third Quarter – 9th Week

We are in the 9th week of 2013 Team Championship, which means that there are only two weeks before the end of the third quarter! It is time to make a point about the provisional rankings:




As you can see, the four teams ahead of the ranking are:  pologne hurepoix 1Le club des cinq (already qualified for the final at the end of the year), Just for fun et  Poland5 (also qualified).

Here’s a reminder of the 8 qualified teams (quarters 1 and 2):

First quarter: NormaleCidade Invictales journalistes, and Valence
Second quarter: Le club des cinqLes requinsPoland5, and Bridge Poker team

If a team had to rank in the top 4 of a round when it has already qualified in a previous round, we will take the team that is ranked just after (and so to be sure we qualify 4 teams per round)

The tenth week will start on Friday 6 September 2013, at 10 a.m., and will end on Thursday 12 September 2013. The third quarter will end on 19 September 2013.

Note that you can still:
– Create your team if it is not yet.
– Manage your team if you want make substitutions.
– or simply join one of the 137 incomplete teams.

For more details on the schedule for this third round, or simply learn more about the tournament, I invite you to visit the Rules page directly on our site.

We wish you good tournaments and a lot of fun on Funbridge!
Valentin, Funbridge team.