Funbridge bid decoder

Get the meaning of any bridge bid thanks to our interactive tool

It is well known that in bridge, there are often misunderstandings between players of the same pair… This is mainly due to how bids are interpreted. In order to help you avoid misunderstandings with your partner when you will play a deal together, here is an interactive help tool based on the Funbridge app and its AI "Argine".

Thanks to this tool, you can get the meaning of any bid, whatever the previous sequence you have played is. However, keep in mind that the same bid can have a totally different meaning depending on your bidding system and conventions as well as your previous bids! 2C can be Stayman, Landy, a natural bid, a canapé bid, Checkback Stayman, forcing, encouraging, etc.

How to use this tool? It is very simple! Enter your bidding sequence below, then click a bid of the sequence to get its meaning and the number of cards per suit it shows.
To enter a new bidding sequence, click the "empty" button.

Select your bids

Click the bids below to create your sequence:

1 Notrump
1 Spade
1 Heart
1 Diamond
1 Club
2 Notrump
2 Spade
2 Heart
2 Diamond
2 Club
3 Notrump
3 Spade
3 Heart
3 Diamond
3 Club
4 Notrump
4 Spade
4 Heart
4 Diamond
4 Club
5 Notrump
5 Spade
5 Heart
5 Diamond
5 Club
6 Notrump
6 Spade
6 Heart
6 Diamond
6 Club
7 Notrump
7 Spade
7 Heart
7 Diamond
7 Club

Your sequence

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