The results of the historic Bridge Olympic Esports Week Tournament

Bridge Olympic Esports Week

Thank you so much! Over 3,021 players registered for the Bridge Olympic Esports Week Tournament and over 7,800 play-off tournaments were played. 🤩

It’s just amazing! You have shown that the bridge community is the biggest and the most passionate in the world. Your commitment during this unprecedented event contributed greatly to cement the reputation of bridge in esports. ✨

We hope that you have had a memorable time and you have enjoyed playing games and making bids.

Congratulations to all!

Some players proved to be formidable competitors! No fewer than 641 participants made it to the final and several of them even climbed up the top steps of the podium… 🏆

Check out the tournament overall rankings now.

Tournament rankings

With 17 national podiums, the tournament gathered players from all around the globe! 🌎

The great international champions

With an average score of 74.33%, the big champion of the tournament is none other than T671! 🏆

By reaching the top spot, he secured an invitation to the prestigious Marrakech World Championships! 🎟️

The runner-up is TomekT with a score of 71.75%. Apalma finished third with 71.08%.

Bridge Olympic Esports Week

We all at Funbridge would like to congratulate them on their great performance!

How our favourite athletes performed

Dominique Fonteneau

Dominique Fonteneau

Score: 70.20%

🥇 France No. 1

World No. 5

Milan Macura

Milan Macura

Score: 67.36 %

🥇 Czech Republic No. 1

World No. 12

Tom Drijver

Tom Drijver

Score: 64.38 %

🥇 Netherlands No. 1

World No. 44

Jérôme Rombaut

Jérôme Rombaut

Score: 63.06%

France No. 10

World No. 69

Nikolas Bausback

Nikolas Bausback

Score: 58.34%

Germany No. 4

World No. 212

Thanks to all!

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