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Thank you for your support!

Dear players,

Many of you have reacted to the cancellation of The Biggest Online Bridge Tournament scheduled yesterday due to technical issues.

To the players who have expressed their dissatisfaction: we share your disappointment and again we apologise for the problems experienced on Funbridge yesterday. We understand you are frustrated that you haven’t been able to participate in the biggest tournament ever in Funbridge history (nearly 15,000 registered players!).

To the (many) players who have shared their support on social networks, the Funbridge blog and via other channels: A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGES. Your words of encouragement have helped us very much to go through this hard day.

And to all Funbridge players: we have already planned to take actions that will make it possible for you to play in big tournaments in the best possible conditions on Funbridge in the future. Together we will then be able to leave our mark on the history of bridge… You can rely on us and your support proves that it also works the other way round!

Team Funbridge