New Features and Improvements in Multiplayer Modes

The time has come for improvements to our multiplayer game modes! 🎉

We are excited to announce the addition of new features in Pair Tournament, Play with a Partner, and Private Tables modes.

Are you ready? Let me reveal them one by one! 👇🏻

What changes?

Undo Last Move

How many times have you regretted a hasty action or a careless mistake?

Now, a second chance allows you to correct your errors by asking your opponents to undo your last move, whether during the bidding phase or during card play.

📨 Private Messaging with Your Opponents

The game table now includes access to private messages with each of your opponents to chat in real-time. Use it to compliment one of their maneuvers or to gently tease them. 😄

🎥 Improved Video System

Our video system has been reviewed and improved to make your multiplayer games more immersive and social!

🗣️ Improved Communication on Bidding

1. Bidding Assistance Added

To help beginners master the art of bidding, we have added an explanation window for bids. This is displayed by default when you view the bids made by Argine, as well as on your bids when she is your partner.

2. Alert Your Own Bids

From now on, you have the option to manually alert your bids when playing with your partner. And that’s not all! If you wish, you can accompany this alert with a detailed explanation.

3. Request the Meaning of Opponent’s Bids

If you have doubts or disagree with a bid, you now have the option to request explanations on already alerted or non-alerted bids by an opponent. Perfect to avoid misunderstandings! 😉

🚨Good news! These new features are available in all three multiplayer game modes: Pair Tournament, Play with a Partner, and Private Tables.

Discover these new features on Monday 8 July! 🎉

To celebrate these improvements, we invite you to a special pair tournament on Monday 8 July at 18:00 PM (UTC+1): the Community Tournament.

Here’s what awaits you:

A 100% free pair tournament!

– Funbridge Points to be won

– 6 deals (3 rounds of two deals)

– 12 minutes per round

inscrivez-vous à un tournoi par paires

⚠️ Pre-registration for this tournament is mandatory and ends on Monday 8 July at 17:59 (UTC+1:00). Sign up now with your partner to not miss this event that starts at 18:00 (UTC+1) on the same day.

What are pair tournaments?

tournois par paires sur funbridge

In this new multiplayer game mode, you invite a human partner or our artificial intelligence Argine to compete against other pairs for victory.

Play a special pair tournament this Monday 8 July, by participating in the Community Tournament! 🙌🏻

What do you think of this evolution?

“We have worked carefully to evolve the Multiplayer mode to best meet your expectations. Take advantage of the Community Tournament to test these new features with your partner! Continue to share your suggestions with us; your feedback is essential to help us keep improving.”

– Alexandre Fay, production manager

tournois par paires sur funbridge
Remember to update your app to benefit from these latest features! 😉

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