New! David vs Goliath Tournament on 24-27 April

David vs Goliath

Major vs minor suits: which ones will prevail? In this tournament, one side will always have a nice fit in ♥️ or ♠️, whereas the other side will get one in ♦️ or ♣️. ⚔️

Will the minor side be able to defeat the major suits? Or even bid a better contract? Unless a sacrifice is a better option…

Enter the arena armed with your competitive bids because one thing is for sure: with these unconventional hands, the fight will be tough! 💥

Features & Prizes

Step onto the podium and win plenty of Diamonds!

🥇 1st: 200 Diamonds
🥈 2nd: 150 Diamonds
🥉 3rd: 100 Diamonds

72 hours to play 10 deals

The David vs Goliath tournament will be held from 24 April 06:00 (UTC+1) to 27 April 06:00 (UTC+1).

Entry fee: 50 Diamonds

You can purchase Diamonds in the Funbridge shop.

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