Bridge Olympic Esports Week from 19-25 June!

Esports games are blowing up! After the success of the Olympic Virtual Series in 2021, the International Olympic Committee launched the “Olympic Esports Week” competition in 2023. This event will take place in Singapore from 22-25 June. On this occasion, bridge will be put under the spotlight through live demos on its dedicated booth!

All bridge players are invited to celebrate this world event by participating in the “Bridge Olympic Esports Week Tournament” on Funbridge from 19-25 June. Amazing prizes including an invitation to the World Championships in Marrakech are to be won!

Registration will be opening soon. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Which sports and games will be represented at the Olympic Esports Series 2023?

Bridge Olympic Esports Week

In total, nine disciplines will be represented. Among the most popular games, you will probably notice Tic Tac Bow (archery), Just Dance (dance) and even Gran Turismo (motorsport). The famous sailing game Virtual Regatta, which you are already familiar with – we have been partners in previous races -, will also be part of this event. ⛵

And what about bridge?

Although bridge has not been selected for the Olympic Esports Series 2023, there will be demos with games broadcast live by a top professional bridge player who is none other than our ambassador Milan Macura.

The Bridge Olympic Esports Week Tournament on Funbridge

The Bridge Olympic Esports Week Tournament will be held from 19-25 June 2023 on the Funbridge app and will be split into two phases: qualifiers and the final.

You will earn Funbridge and WBF Robot Bridge Points for each game played in this tournament. So, make the most of this opportunity!

How can I qualify?

Bridge Olympic Esports Week

The qualifiers will take place from Monday 19 to Wednesday 21 June.

100 tournaments of 6 deals scored by MPs will be available.

Participants will be ranked based on their average score in their top 5 tournaments.

In other words, to be listed in the rankings, each participant must play at least 5 tournaments. Once the qualifiers stage is over, only players with an average score of 55% or more will qualify for the final.

Give your best! All finalists will receive 50 Diamonds.

How does the final work?

Bridge Olympic Esports Week

You will have a break on Thursday 22 June.

The big final will take place from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 June.

You will have to play 8 tournaments of 6 deals (50 will be available). The final rankings will be based on participants’ average scores in all 5 tournaments.

Which titles and prizes are up for grabs?

Running an exceptional tournament means that exceptional prizes and titles will be up for grabs!

The big winner will have a chance of winning an all-expenses-paid invitation to Marrakech World Championships.

There will be both national and international winners:

  • The title of Bridge Olympic Esports Week International Champion will be awarded to the player with the top score/percentage in the overall rankings.
  • The title of Bridge Olympic Esports Week National Champion will be awarded to the player with the top score/percentage in the rankings of his country.

Prizes awarded to international champions

  • 1st: 5,000 Diamonds + one invitation to the World Championships in Marrakech 🎟️
  • 2nd: 3,000 Diamonds
  • 3rd: 1,500 Diamonds
  • 4th-10th: 200 Diamonds
  • 11th-50th: 100 Diamonds
  • 51st-100th: 50 Diamonds
Bridge Olympic Esports Week

Prizes awarded to national champions

  • 1st national player: 1,000 Diamonds
  • 2nd national player: 800 Diamonds
  • 3rd national player: 500 Diamonds
Bridge Olympic Esports Week

A minimum of 10 players per country is required to establish national ranking lists.

How much is the entry free?

Each tournament of the qualifiers stage costs 25 Diamonds. The tournaments of the final stage are free!

Visit our online store to stock up on Diamonds!

Milan Macura

“It is a great honor to be an ambassador of Bridge at such a great event as an Olympic Esports in Singapore. It is a unique opportunity to show the world how challenging and fun can be the game of bridge.

I hope thousands of players will join the main event on Funbridge. I am also very much looking forward to streaming the free side events and sharing some of my strategies with players all around the world.”

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