Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


ACBL Masterpoints tournaments

What are the features (frequency, rankings, number of deals) of ACBL tournaments?

  • 4 tournaments per day
  • 24-hour tournaments
  • IMP and MP
  • 18 deals

How are Masterpoints distributed?

ACBL Masterpoints are awarded according to a standard calculation method. But unlike other federations, it is based on Sections and Metasections.

Sections are based on the players’ ACBL theoretical ranking (i.e. number of Masterpoints) to divide them into Sections of about 15 players.

For tournaments of over 100 players, Metasections are created to give them an extra chance to earn even more points.

Let’s take an example. Player A and Player B are in Section 3. Player A finishes ahead of Player B. They play in two different Metasections. Player B can thus get a better position in his Metasection and win more Masterpoints.

What is special about the deals played in ACBL tournaments?

The number of deals available is higher than the number of deals played. It means that not all your deals will be common to all other players.

Who are my opponents in ACBL tournaments?

On Funbridge, you play the hand in South. North (your partner), East and West (your opponents) are played by robots. They are the same at all tables so you are fairly compared to other human players. One advantage is that you can play your tournaments whenever you want and at your own pace. You can also interrupt (pause) a deal at any time and resume it later.

How to change my convention system to SAYC, 2/1 or any other system in the settings?

Go to Settings > Bidding conventions > Edit my bidding system..

How much do ACBL tournaments cost?

You can buy various packs of tournaments from 1 to 20 tournaments. Click here to find out more about our offers.

How to become an ACBL member?

Click here to become a member.