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Funbridge te permite jugar manos de bridge con robots en smartphones, tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android) y ordenadores (Mac y Windows) y compararte en esas mismas manos con cientos de jugadores. Compara tus subastas y tu carteo con muchos otros jugadores, clasifícate y progresa rápidamente.

Más información

Jugar gratis al bridge online en cualquier momento

Cada uno a su ritmo

  • Juegas cuando y donde quieras
  • Puedes interrumpir una partida y retomarla más tarde
  • Disponible 24 horas al día
Sitio web de bridge con varios modos de juego y torneos

Cada uno su torneo

  • Torneos diarios (más de 1 000 jugadores al día)
  • Torneos de entrenamiento
  • Torneos de serie para compararte con jugadores de tu nivel
Juego de bridge en duplicado en Internet con muchas funcionalidades

Y mucho más...

  • Clasificación por series
  • Revisar/volver a jugar una mano
  • Acceso a los detalles de subastas y al carteo

400 000


800 000

Manos jugadas al día

2 000

Jugadores conectados

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Your January newsletter

No doubt 2017 will be just as exciting as 2016! This is best illustrated by the new Team Championship (on smartphones, tablets and Mac) starting on 1 February. But before revealing too much about 2017, let’s look back at 2016 and review the highlights of the past year… New Interface It all started with the redesign of your app: new home screen, creation of a side menu, new display of game…


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Update: discover the new Team Championship!

- As we announced a few weeks ago, the new Team Championship is the first great new feature of 2017 released by Funbridge! What is the Team Championship? 1. Teams They are made up of 4 to 6 players: 4 starters including 1 captain and up to 2 substitutes. 2. Championship Principle The teams are broken down into 6 divisions. Every month they play 5 tournaments of 15 deals at…


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Your December newsletter

Christmas is fast approaching, so why not treat yourself or make someone’s day? Lacking inspiration for Christmas presents? Look no further! We have come up with a few ideas of gifts to give your bridge friends… The brand new computer program GOTO Bridge XVII For all players! Developed by our teams, this Windows software is the ideal present for any bridge fanatic! Discover it at A subscription to Funbridge…


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Appetite comes with eating (Le Bridgeur Magazine n°897 – August 2015)

Article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the French magazine Le Bridgeur n°897 on 15 August 2015. In pairs tournaments, being hungry for success is a good thing. Squeeze can even turn you into an ogre provided you execute it by the book. Once again, this instructive deal has been reported to me by my faithful friend Jean-Michel Grosfils. Pairs tournament. Dealer South. East-West vulnerable. South’s hand is:  A K…


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