Federation Tournaments

Take part in official federation tournaments on Funbridge and improve your bridge federation rank!

Official tournaments from national bridge federations

With the consent of national bridge federations, Funbridge holds official federation tournaments open to all every week. These tournaments allow members of these federations to improve their federation rank.

Official tournaments sanctioned by three national federations are now available on Funbridge:

FFB Expert Points (French Bridge Federation)
France - Expert Points
Official French Bridge Federation (FFB) tournaments

8 weekly tournaments:
1 tournament on Monday,
1 tournament on Thursday,
3 tournaments on Saturday,
3 tournaments on Sunday.
And 3 tournaments on bank holidays.

FAQ - FFB Expert Points tournaments

FSB Green Points (Swiss Bridge Federation)
Norway - Masterpoints
Official Norwegian Bridge Federation (NBF) tournaments

2 weekly tournaments: on Wednesday and Friday.

FAQ - NBF Masterpoints tournaments

NBF Masterpoints (Norwegian Bridge Federation)
Switzerland - Green Points
Official Swiss Bridge Federation (FSB) tournaments

1 tournament every Sunday.

FAQ - FSB Green Points tournaments