Knock-out Tournaments

Take part in knock-out tournaments on Funbridge and try to win one of the many prizes offered!

Bridge knock-out tournaments online with prizes and gifts to win

Knock-out tournaments on Funbridge

We regularly hold knock-out tournaments for Funbridge players.
The principle is the same as in tennis.
On each round, you play against a single player. The winner of this duel progresses into the next round, whereas the loser is eliminated.

Rounds can only be played using the Funbridge PC version.

The number of tournament rounds and therefore the total duration of the tournament depend on the number of players registered (2,000 players registered on average per tournament).

The tournament conditions and rules may change from one tournament to another: IMP or MP ranking, second chance, series tournament, etc.

For each tournament, we (or our partners) offer more than 30 prizes (iPad, bridge table, subscriptions, Funbridge, GOTO Bridge software programmes, etc.) to reward participants.

Conditions to take part in knock-out tournaments:

  • Have the Funbridge software for Windows computers, downloadable here .
  • Have an account and an "Unlimited Deals" subscription valid on the Funbridge software for Windows computers.

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