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Funbridge in a few words

Funbridge is an app for smartphones, tablets and computers allowing you to play duplicate bridge 24/7.

Compare yourself with thousands of other players, get ranked and make rapid progress.

Play online bridge for free whenever you want

At your own pace

Available 24/7.
Play whenever and wherever you want.
You can pause at any time and resume the game later.

Online bridge website offering several game modes and types of tournaments

User-friendly interface

Find your favourite game modes in just a few clicks and discover our easy-to-use game table.

Duplicate bridge game online offering numerous features

An active community

Over 200 countries represented.
More than 50,000 online players and 1 million deals played every day.

Play bridge with robots

New features and improvements regularly added/made

New features and game modes are regularly added to the app to meet our players' needs.

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Game modes for all types of players

Practice Deals
Play practice deals at your own pace.

Exclusive Tournaments
Create your own tournaments and share your views on played deals.

Commented Tournaments
Benefit from the wise advice of a bridge champion after each deal played.
Tournaments of the Day
Play practice deals at your own pace.

Series Tournaments
Create your own tournaments and share your views on played deals.

Face the Elites
Benefit from the wise advice of a bridge champion after each deal played.
Challenge your friends or any other player on 5 deals. May the best win!

Team Championship
Create your own team and pit yourself against teams from all over the world.

Two-player game
Sit at the same game table as your friend and practise together.

For federation members

Federation Tournaments
These tournaments are open to all players. Masterpoints won online count for rank advancement.

Jérôme Rombaut, reigning European bridge champion

On Funbridge, you play the hand in South. Your partner in North and your opponents in East/West are controlled by the built-in artificial intelligence called "Argine".

Also called "game engine", this AI has been created by Jérôme Rombaut and his team. It is regularly updated to make sure it mimics human beahviour as closely as possible.

» Discover the game engine

Jérôme Rombaut

The latest articles of the Funbridge blog

Find all the news about Funbridge products and the bridge world in general on the blog

22 May 2017

Your May newsletter

Following the recent release of the updated version of Funbridge for PC, many of you have become familiar with reorganised game modes and new game options. To help you through this process, this month we have decided to focus on the settings of the Funbridge software. How to access the settings? Click on the menu symbolised by the triple bar at the top left of your home screen. Once the…

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17 May 2017

Red or Black (Le Bridgeur Magazine n°901)

Article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the French magazine Le Bridgeur n°901 (January/February 2016) Following the last article, here is another defence problem from the same France vs Sweden match as part of the France Open Team selection process for the European Teams Championships. You are still East and the bidding proceeds as follows: South North - Dummy spreads his hand:  Q 7 4   10 7 5  K J…

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10 May 2017

Funbridge has been given a facelift! [Updated article]

If you are having trouble installing this new version, a help section is available at the end of this article. The PC version of Funbridge will be upgraded on Thursday 11 May. From that date onwards, your software program will be automatically updated so you can enjoy the improvements and features that have been made and added to Funbridge over the last few months. Once installed, just log in using…

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10 May 2017

NEW! Ask the game engine Argine for advice

Download on: - A new version of your app is now available for download. Update your app and discover our brand-new feature “Advice from Argine”! You are unsure which bid to make? You don’t know which card to lead? You want to have your choice confirmed? Ask our game engine Argine for advice Find this feature in the “Replay” mode at the end of each deal. We hope that it…

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