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Frequently asked questions

Installation, account creation, prices

Prices and terms

You will get 10 free deals to play the different game modes 7 days after you have used up your credit.

You can also purchase a deals pack or take out an "unlimited deals" subscription:

Deals packs:

- 50 deals at 2.99€/$
- 100 deals at 4.99€/$
- 200 deals at 7.99€/$
- 500 deals at 16.99€/$
- 1,000 deals at 26.99€/$

"Unlimited deals" subscriptions*:

- 1 month at 12.99€/$
- 3 months at 38.99€/$
- 6 months at 64.99€/$
- 12 months at 99.99€/$

Please note that any new purchase of a deals pack or any new subscription will be added to your current balance.

To purchase a deals pack or subscribe, go to the Funbridge shop:

- Via your application: the shop is symbolised by a trolley, accessible from the home page and the side menu
- Or via our website by clicking on the following link: go to the online Funbridge shop (Please make sure that you have your login information at hand.)

*The "unlimited deals" subscription allows you to play all Funbridge tournaments without any limit within the subscription term. No deal will be deducted from your account.