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On Funbridge, you can challenge the whole community and pit yourself against players from all over the world.

Challenges are 5 deal tournaments with IMP scoring and played one-on-one.
You play the same deals as the player you challenge. The winner is the one who scores best on the 5 deals of the tournament.

Challenge a player
There are two ways of challenging a Funbridge player:

  • From the "Challenges" game mode, accessible from the "Challenge a player" button: your list of friends is displayed by default. Click on the "Challenge" button next to a player's screen name to send him a challenge request.
  • From a player's visiting card (accessible by clicking on his screen name anywhere in the application) by clicking on the "Challenge" button.

When you challenge another player, an invitation valid for 24 hours is sent to him. If the player accepts your challenge, you will both have 3 days to play it.

Challenge a player randomly: matchmaking
Matchmaking is a game mode where Funbridge finds an opponent available to play a challenge against you.

It is represented by the "Find an opponent randomly" button in the "Challenges " game mode.

Replay a deal
You can replay all the deals of a challenge once it is over. However, please note that your original score will not be replaced with your new score on the deal replayed.

Challenge history
All your challenges played:
You can find all your challenges played in your visiting card. To access them, go to your account by tapping your avatar displayed on the bottom left of the home screen of the application. Once your account is open, click on "Visiting card" to access your information, then click on "View my visiting card" at the bottom of the screen. You will then find all your challenges sorted into wins, draws and losses.

Your last challenge in detail:
To access the details of your last challenge played, click on the "Challenge a player" button from the home screen of the application. You will have access to the list of your opponents (friends or not) and the challenges sorted into wins, draws and losses for each of them. Tap one of these figures to access your last challenge played against the player in question. It allows you to see your scores and those of your opponent deal per deal.

When you have one or several challenges in progress or pending challenge requests, it is indicated on the home screen of the application. A red badge is added to the "Challenge a player" button.

Bulletins in the application
For each challenge request or when an opponent has completed a challenge, you receive a bulletin in the application. You can access bulletins:
- From the home screen by tapping the exclamation mark icon;
- By opening the side menu and clicking on the "Funbridge bulletins" line.
Once you access the bulletins, tap the one for your challenge to consult it.

"Push" notifications
If enabled on your device, you will also receive "push" notifications for each challenge request or completed challenge. These "pushes" are messages displayed on your device when you are not logged in to Funbridge.