Discover the FFB e-licence

Become a member of the French Bridge Federation!

The FFB e-licence offers you many advantages for $14.99 only!

  • Enter the FFB rankings and join thousands of French players
  • A personal member area on the FFB website to follow your results and ranking
  • Receive the FFB bridge magazine "l'As de Trèfle" at home (3 issues a year: January, May, September)
  • Enjoy special offers in the FFB online shop
  • Get discounts and special prices with FFB partners

FFB e-licence
2019-2020 Season

$ 14.99

What is the difference with a standard licence?
As its name suggests, the e-licence is only valid online.

It is aimed at bridge players who want to play online bridge tournaments only (e.g. FFB Expert Points tournaments on Funbridge). It won't allow you to register for competitions and club tournaments licensed by the FFB.

How long is the FFB e-licence valid for?
The FFB e-licence is valid for a bridge season, from 1st July to 30 June.

I am no longer a FFB member. Can I buy an e-licence?
Yes, your membership number is still valid and will be associated to your new e-licence.

I currently have a valid FFB licence. Can I buy an e-licence?
No, the e-licence is aimed at people whose licence has expired or who have never been members.

I don't have a valid licence but I have registered for a tournament for the current season. Can I buy an e-licence?
No, the e-licence allows you to participate in online tournaments only, so you are not eligible if you have registered for a club tournament for the current season.