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Following the recent release of the updated version of Funbridge for PC, many of you have become familiar with reorganised game modes and new game options.

To help you through this process, this month we have decided to focus on the settings of the Funbridge software.

How to access the settings?

Click on the menu symbolised by the triple bar at the top left of your home screen. Once the menu is open, click “Settings” to access them.

Bidding and card play conventions

Here you can set the conventions that you would like to play.
Choose among the 8 bidding systems and the 2 card play systems available, or edit your conventions using the free profile.

Game table, display and ergonomics

Among other things, you can:
– Ask Funbridge to preselect the cards of the suit played (option available on PC only),
– Switch North and South when North is declarer.

This list is by no means exhaustive. We strongly encourage you to have a look at the numerous display and ergonomics options offered.


Enable or disable app sounds.
Please note that voice features will become available on PC very shortly.


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Push notifications

Funbridge can send you “push notifications” (a sort of text message) on your smartphone or tablet when you receive a friend or challenge request, a message or a news release.


With privacy options, you can decide to share some app features with your friends only(challenges, messages, result display).

For more information, please visit our FAQ on this topic: Read FAQ – Settings

On top of all these options, feel free to discover all our game modes:
– Game mode “Play a tournament”: series tournaments, tournaments of the day, team championship and federation tournaments.
– Game mode “Practice”: practice deals, face the elites, commented tournaments and exclusive tournaments.
– And the game mode “Challenge a player”.

The home screen was already showing how many players are online. Now you can also see how many of your friends are logged in. Just click/tap the number displayed to access the full list.

The latest news

The article by Jérôme Rombaut

Article published in the magazine “Le Bridgeur”

Red or Black: “Here is another defence problem from the France vs Sweden match as part of the France Open Team selection.”

Read article

European Open Championships

The 8th European Open Championships will be held from 10th to 24th June in Montecatini, Italy.

Let’s support our favourite team or pair!

Official website

Enjoy playing tournaments on Funbridge!

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During play the screen keeps freezing and does not recover. I have to withdraw and consequently receive a low percentage rating. Can this problem be fixed?

Luanne Sager
Luanne Sager

I have been playing funbridge for the past 3 years and now your new website

is not playing well. It keeps freezing and is a real disappointment. Prefer you go

back to the old website. I had paid yearly and if this game is now free, it is not worth

bothering with.

Linda Barley
Linda Barley

I have just downloaded the new version for android. It freezes at least once each hand. I can retrieve it by going to exit then returning but this is extremely tedious. I also intensely dislike dummy flicking to the opening led suit before I can look at the hand. I know I can go back but this is further tedium. I get the impression the new format is to favour touch screens and prevent erroneous play (having to click/touch k the card, it fans out the suit, click/touch again). There are other quirks where it doesn’t bother to give you… Read more »