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Update: discover the new features!



A new updated version of your app is now available for download. Find out more about the new features below!

Average performance

img2_en@2xYou can find any player’s average performance in his visiting card.

Both values involved are calculated based on all tournaments played and vary simultaneously regardless of the type of tournament played.

For example, 53.50% / +0.50 IMP.
It means that on average, the player scores 53.50% in MP tournaments and +0.50 IMP per deal in IMP tournaments.


National tournaments

img-pe_en@2xWe have developed new tournaments in partnership with the French Bridge Federation. FFB members can now improve their national ranking thanks to Funbridge!

But these tournaments are open to everyone!

If you are a member of a bridge federation other than the FFB and you would like to play national tournaments on Funbridge, contact us! We would be delighted to work with your federation!


New bidding system

img1_en@2xMany of you asked for it and here it is! The 2/1 bidding system is now available in the app. As other systems, you can choose between three levels:beginner, intermediate and competition.

To set your conventions from the Funbridge app, go to Settings > Bidding conventions > Edit my system.

We hope that you will enjoy these new features. Feel free to share your suggestions via the form availablehere and rate our app on the stores.

Have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!

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je joue tous les jours entre 8 et 9h.
Depuis 2 jours c’est impossible !!!! ça m’ennuie beaucoup


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holger bode
holger bode

I have the same problem when I used the game on friday tiil tuesday all was correct.
I could reach the side but the game- engine 273 couldnt be loaded.

Joan Kline
Joan Kline

Please assist me in enrolling in the 2/1 bidding system for iPhone, iPad and pic.
Thank you