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The new FunBridge Touch app is out!

The FunBridge Team is proud to announce the release of the new FunBridge Touch app!

This new version is available for Android smartphones and tablets and also for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

A few weeks ago we presented the new FunBridge logo and the new shortcut which will appear on your smartphone or tablet. The time has come to present the first images of the application!



We have completely redesigned the application home page. It will take the form of a “dashboard” where you’ll have access to all game modes, all your games and all of your rankings, just at an eye glance.



Four geographical areas are showing up in this game mode (East Americas, Western Americas, Europe- Africa and Asia-Oceania), each zone having different starting time for the tournament. There are now two tournaments of 20 deals by zone (By Pairs and IMP), for a total of 8 daily tournaments.



From now on, you can choose between two types of tournaments for training: IMP or By Pairs.
Thanks to this new mode of training, you should be able to participate to the new daily tournaments and compete against other players.



The game speed has been improved by 30%in this new version.
Whether it is during the bidding phase or during the card play, the application has been optimized to be as fluid as possible.
FunBridge has never been faster.


Download the FunBridge app on the App Store or on Google Play by clicking on one of the following pictures:



Contact the FunBridge Support if you are having trouble installing the app: FunBridge Contact

*To install this new FunBridge version, you must have at least iOS 5 version on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch: go to Settings > General > Software Update and touch the ” Install ” button. More information on the Apple support: click here

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Terrible!! Since the new update I can’t play anymore!!
The Funbridge database is corrupt and my e-mail/password is now none existing…..
The problem already exists for days and now news from Funbridge…..

Gillian Pearson

Can we have the old version back please
This is terrible as I can’t understand anything and colours are bland and boring
You have ruined a great app
Please please tell me I can uninstall this downgrade


First of all: nice work on the new Version of the iPhone/iPad Clients. A few issues / suggestions: 1. There seems to be a bug in the new Client. If the Opponent opens with eg. 1 Diamond, I get the Option to double that. If however I move away from the app (not making my double bid) and come back, the double Option is greyed out, so I can no longer double and I am obliged to bid something else. 2. Suggestion: In the iPad Client one can now see which percentage in the tournament is needed to go up… Read more »

Gillian Fryer

Why has the app been changed?
We pay an annual fee for an app we enjoy and then you take it away and replace with something inferior.
Do you think this is right?

L Roach

I updated to the new version on my iPad & while I appreciate the speed of play. I hate everything else about it & wish there was a way to go back to the older version. The background colour is horrid. The whole site is a confusing mess. Why did you have to make all these changes? Had I have realized what I now know I never would have updated. Please let me have the old one back?

Gillian Pearson

I am confused why after paying for one thing should we as the customer be expected to adapt to you changes surely you should be adapting to your customers requirements.

susanne shepard

I would like to know what conventions the robots are playing in the tournament games or any games for that matter. Sometime a crazy bid happens, I know it is a robot but where is he coming from? Is there a list of conventions that are used?
Let me know..I have been playing for 4500 games so far


Help I can’t start my training hands.what is wrong I have unlimited deals until June