Your favorite bridge authors reveal all their secrets in BeBRIDGE

At the moment, what could be better than reading a good bridge magazine? Good timing, Zia Mahmood, Alain Lévy, Mark Horton, Philippe Cronier, David Bird… (and many others!) share all their secrets in the new BeBRIDGE. The first issue of BeBRIDGE is free of charge so make the most of it! And with the digital version, access to content anytime on your computer, mobile and tablet.

The best bridge magazines available as digital versions on Funbridge!

In our ongoing effort to offer you the best of bridge, subscriptions to digital versions of BeBRIDGE and Bridgerama magazines are now available with no commitment at! 6 issues a year $4.50/month In January 2020 Le Bridgeur magazine launched its new version and became BeBRIDGE. Designed as a lifestyle magazine, it combines articles about the game of bridge with lifestyle, travel, culture and discovery. Browse March issue ► 11…

Read Zia Mahmood’s exclusive interview in BeBRIDGE!

When BeBRIDGE wanted to appoint an Ambassador there was only one possible choice, the most charismatic figure in the game who has been entertaining the bridge public for the last 40 years. Mark Horton, the editor, spent some time chatting with the legend that is Zia Mahmood. To read and reread this exclusive interview with Zia Mahmood, check out BeBRIDGE! Discover the first issue of BeBRIDGE with free access!

BeBRIDGE, the new magazine that revolutionizes the bridge press

In May 2019, Le Bridgeur was acquired by 52 Entertainment, the world leader in online bridge (Funbridge and BBO), headed by Olivier Comte. And now… here it comes! An exciting new version, updated, modern, interesting, a true lifestyle magazine in English – BeBRIDGE! Launched as an online bridge magazine, BeBRIDGE aims to widen the scope of the traditional bridge magazine by combining interesting articles about bridge events and game strategy,…