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Results of the 2016 World Bridge Games


The World Bridge Games were staged in Wroclaw, Poland, from 3rd-17th September. Also called the Bridge Olympics, they are held every four years and gather teams and pairs from all over the world.

And this year, for the first time, the event comprised National Mixed Teams and Mixed Pairs Championships.

Find out more about the results for each category below.

The winning teams

podium1_enOpen series

Gold – Netherlands
S. Brink, S. De Wijs, B. Drijver, B. Drijver, B. Muller, B. Nob, A. Maas, T. Bakkeren (C).

Silver – Monaco
J.C. Allavena, G. Helgemo, T. Helness, K. Martens, F. Multon, P. Zimmermann, K. Martens, D. Filipowicz (C).

Bronze – Poland
P. Gawrys, K. Jassem, K. Kalita, M. Klukowski, M. Mazurkiewicz, M. Nowosozki, P. Walczak, S. Golebiowki (C).

podium2_enWomen series

Gold – USA
L. Deas, B. Palmer, K. Sanborn, J. Seamon-Malson, S. Shi, T. Sokalow, D. Sokalow (C).

Silver – France
B. Cronier, C. D’Ovidio, N. Frey, V. Reess, S. Willard, J. Zochowska, L. Thuillez (C).

Bronze – China
Y. Huang, Y. Liu, Y. Lu, Q. Shen, N. Wang, W.F. Wang, J. Wang, X. Wang (C).

podium3_enSenior series

Gold – USA
B. Hamman, H. Lall, Z. Mahmood, C. Martle, J. Meckstroth, R. Milner, P. Hamman, J. Pszczola (C).

Silver – France
N. Dechelette, P.Y. Guillaumin, G. Iantzeff, J.J. Palau, P. Schmidt, P. Taffier, E. Goutret (C).

Bronze – Denmark
K. A. Boesgaard, J. Hansen, H.C. Nielsen, D. Schaltz, P. Schaltz, S. Schou, P. Magnussen, J. Ibsen (C).

podium4_enMixed series

Gold – Netherlands
A. Jansma, J. Jansma, R. Ritmeljer, M. Ticha.

Silver – Russia
A. Dubinin, A. Gramov, V. Gramova, A. Gulevich, G. Matushko, T. Ponomareva.

Bronze – Bulgaria
V. Aronov, D. Damianova, G. Karakolev, M. Mitovska, I. Nanev, M. Nikolava.


The winning pairs

podium5_enOpen series

Gold – Germany
S. Auken & R. Welland

Silver – Netherlands
A. Bach & M. Cornell

Bronze – India
K. Anklesaria & S. Chokshi

podium6_enWomen series

Gold – Israel
A. Asulin & H. Levi

Silver – Croatia
N. Sver & M. Pilipovic

Bronze – China
L. Gu & T. Zhou

podium7_enSenior series

Gold – Sweden
G. Sellden & B. Wenneberg

Silver – Canada
J. Carruthers & J. Silver

Bronze – India
B. Chandra Das & A. Sadhu

Mixed seriespodium8_en

Gold – Russia
L. Khazanov & M. Lebedeva

Silver – Poland
M. Sikora & A. Walczynksi

Bronze – Poland
A. Kowalska & M. Tyran

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At last Indian Team’s performed well,congrats to players