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Looking for a last gift for Christmas? Give a FunBridge PC subscription to your friends and family!

Looking for good ideas for your Christmas gifts? Why not simply offer a FunBridge PC subscription to your family and friends?

How to proceed:

1 – Launch your FunBridge software.

2 – Open the profile of the person you wish offer a subscription to.
(Note: Just click on the name of the person anywhere in FunBridge to access his profile)

3 – Click on the button at the bottom left: “Offer him/her a subscription.” You will be redirected to the FunBridge website shop.

4 – Select the subscription you want to offer and click on “Next”. Then, follow the instructions diplayed on your screen.

Know that your friend’s loyalty bonus will count in your purchase.
Example: If your friend loyalty bonus is 30%, the 1-year subscription with unlimited deals will cost 77.70 US$ (52.55£) instead of 111.00 US$ (75.09£). (More information about the loyalty bonus: click here)




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Proszę o szczegółowe informacje jak mogę zagrać w 2 rundzie turnieju FunBridge iPad. Jestem zarejestrowana i mam grać z Lilith. Nie widzę aktywnych okien do gry na moim oknie FunBrigde.
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Dziękuję za pomoc! Już znalazłam 2 rundę!